Thursday, 3 November 2016


^ Here are my top 9 pictures for October ^

I've just had the most stressful ordeal trying to order Jordan's birthday but I think I've sorted it and I am going to write this blog post in hopes that my stress levels lower.

October has been a fab month. Although not my favourite month, I do love the change in weather and the leaves turning from green to orange in the trees. Lets go into details about why these are my top picks.

  1. The first photo is of Sydney and I holding hands. It's the first photo I have of us like this and it's one of my favourites.
  2. The photo of Jordan and Sydney, What can I say? They are my two favourite people in the whole entire world. This picture melts my heart.
  3. Sydney as Dracula. Totally adorable and definitely worth the £8 it cost for the costume! Tesco have some of the best little boys clothes ever!
  4. Sydney and his Great Grandparents, taken very early on in the month but I absolutely love this photo! He was looking up at them both and smiling. It was a very special moment. Also note, that Sydney is named after his Great Great Grandfather.
  5. Petted Lip - the infamous petted lip photo. He done this after Jordan gave him a kiss! The video is adorable and it's up on my instagram search me, @leighsylvia
  6. My First Hallowe'en also the month he turned 2 months! Had to get a picture with both events.
  7. Autumn Walks - This day was beautiful, it was cooler and we walked around the park. Very special and I even got a stitch!
  8. All happy in his homemade snuggle blanket made by Grandma!
  9. In his Bah & Tweet dribble bib, who on the last day of October chose Sydney to be a Brand Representative, so so exciting!
So that's it my 9 top pictures! Thanks for reading! 

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